Door Handing

I created this script:

The doors circled in red have the handing indicated in red in the screenshot below. I am not sure why. Wouldn’t the Door on the right be a RHR? I have similar issues with other doors in the project.

Is there something wrong with the script?

I forgot to mention:

This door says it is LH:


It could be a lacing issue as you are only giving each ‘SetParameterValueByName’ 1 value.

Set the lacing for each SetParameterValueByName node to ‘longest’ so that it will apply the value you require to each instance of the door which it receives as an input.

Also check out the primer for an explanation of lacing if the concept is new to you:

I just changed the lacing to longest. Didn’t work. Any other ideas? Thanks!

Is that not determined by the associated room? Are your room parameters correct?

Going out on a limb here, but maybe your door families are modelled in the opposite orientation to the node author’s intent? I’d compare them to the default Autodesk door facing, which has the default position as LHR to exterior side.

I believe Nick is on the right track. I used that node yesterday and I was very happy it all worked well, or so I thought. Then I tested with a new file, added some doors in all possible positions, and run the script again. I only got out-swing doors, no matter how I changed their positions. So, I introduced a room in that space, and then I did get everything to read correctly. I opened the node for inspection and it contains a Python script node:


So it seems it is dependent on rooms, if there is none, it provides a default value, but it can be incorrect. Bottom line, to have this script run correctly I believe rooms must be present.

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