Dynamo for Revit Door Handing Management?

Hello All,
I’m still a Dynamo Noob and I was wondering if Dynamo could be utilized to help Revit users better manage Door Handing? For example, there are a few Door Swing related apps available today that seem to monitor how many flips the door flip controller get’s and compare’s it back to the door’s original loaded orientation. So, if I have a swing door with a Swing parameter that begins as “R” for right handed swing, and Revit detects that I flipped it once, the app would then change that Swing parameter value to a “L” for example. The problem with this method of management is that if a door get’s mirrored or the project is mirrored, the door swing value does not get updated since the flip controller was not touched. At first glance, I didn’t find anything related to the flip controller in the code block list, so I was wondering if any veterans in the forums could verify that this concept could be reproducible - if not improved upon using Dynamo?

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Very nice, thank you Andreas! Clearly I’m not the only one who was looking for this solution. I appreciate your time.

Is there away to update/load the door handing nodes?

Try to download the archi-lab package

Unfortunately, the node “GetPhaseByName” doesnt work with my Revit 2016. Any chance to get it fixed?

@kristo05 You need to ask your query in a new thread as this topic is already solved. Thank :slight_smile:

Hello Andreas,

it seems like the node switches the value for doors that open to the outside “no room” (toRoom=null). Is there a way to fix that? Thanks!

you can create a room named "outside"outside your building, you just need 4 walls extra at some distance

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that works indeed, some project leaders dont accept the work around though.
what we tried to do is change the python script, writing fromRoom instead of toRoom. It obviously works fine for doors that open to the outside and gives us the wrong information for doors that open from the outside… :thinking:

instead of walls you can use room separators

Sorry guys, my mistake, I was connecting the wrong ports! :woman_facepalming:t4:
the graph works perfectly without workarounds! thanks!