Doing AVR (accurate visual representation) in Revit

Hello, hope everyone are well.

I need to do an AVR.

I have the 3D model of my building done in Revit, I have the verified view, and the coordinates of the measured points to match the photos.

So, I guess there is a way to bring the photos into dynamo, and create a view from the photo with the building in it, showing how the construction will look in relation to its surroundings.

I had attached a verified view, and the same verified view, but with a sketch of how it supposed to look like.

I have been looking and investigating, and there is a “Perspectiveview.byeyepointandtarget” and others similar to this one. But as long as I am new with dynamo, I do not know if it is possible, and not sure what type of dataI need to introduce in the command box.

I guess that this Perspectiveview box is asking for the coordinates of my viewpoint from I am looking to the building (an excel file), the element that I want to see, and where is the building?

I will apreciate any help and someone who can explain how this works, I am new with Dynamo, so be patient…