Create views in Revit using Excel

Hello, I’m trying to make an automation for view creation in Dynamo. Does anybody have a solution where I can import the view names and the existing levels from Excel? I can now do a view for levels but not from Excel, and I dont really understand advanced programming scripts so that wasn’t an option for me to create one.

I suggest you first look at what’s required to create a view through Dynamo. Then consider the data you have (or need to have) in your Excel file and how you’d convert that (if necessary) to the Dynamo inputs.

That’s all you’re doing here. There should be plenty of similar topics already on the forum so check those out first and then come back here with any questions.

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To add.
Why use Excel as a source for the View Names?
I can think of some use(r) cases.
Like getting a Excel from a third party.
I ask this because it is ‘pretty easy’ to create View Names with (just) Dynamo too.

Second Nick’s suggestion, and look at it like a toolkit.

I moreorless cover/solve this in this webinar with downloadable files via my github if it helps:

Do take the time to learn and develop your own take on it however.

I use excel to power all my sheets and views and many other aspects of BIM.

Im sure there are better methods but i treat it like a project specific database of all things in the project. QA check point, ref data, transmitals, Room Data sheets…ok goes the list…

To generate my view names and paramaters from excel > dynamo > revit i find is easier to see and play with im ln excel than trawling a python script on project setup. Since every project tends to have its quirks on zones etc…

Just my opinion

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