Does Geometry Scaling affect performance?

If you increase the geometry scaling, lets say from Medium to Extra Large, does this affect Dynamo performance (speed)?

For example: Does it lead to more units being calculated?
If so: should we avoid using high Geometry scaling settings if not absolutely necessary?

AFAIK no - the tolerance is the same, the units are just shifted to preserve precision in the scale that you care about.


Well if we have to be pedantic, yes - when using anything other than Medium, every geometric coordinate gets scaled up/down before every geometric manipulation and then scaled back. However since that’s just two extra multiplications per operation and multiplications are very fast, you will most likely never notice the difference.

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We had a tiled mosaic panel once with about 500 15x15mm elements and we did notice slight drop in this scenario when baking element geometry to Dynamo. Maybe 20-25% slower.

Obviously not a common occurrence - usually multiple geometry elements will likely trigger the need for larger scaling formats anyway.

When i use this the Python code gives me a warning saying (suggesting) i set my Geometry Scaling to Large, but when i do that it takes forever to run or Dynamo is Not Responding (which happens 99% of the time).
When i set (keep) Geometry Scaling to Medium the run is done in like 30s.

Because data beyond the limit of medium is discarded to a point. This makes it easier to run as you have less data, perhaps even to the point of returning the error and then rapidly passing a null value (which is often near instant).

On Medium not all my Rooms get centered using the Graph in the link.
Is this not Geometry Scaling related? @JacobSmall

Unclear - I would need the data set to confirm, but the graph You linked to shouldn’t trigger any geometry efforts AFAIK. Can you start a new thread and post the relevant parts of the data set (rvt file with rooms and room bounding element’s to trigger the behavior), the dyn you are using, and screenshots showing the error.

There are also multiple packages which have a matching tool to recenter the room, you likely should try those as well.