Adaptive families are placed again while reopen dynamo



I’ve put some adaptive panel families in the Revit surface through dynamo. When I reopen the Revit file and the Dynamo, the adaptive families are placed again, but I just need one. Does anyone know how to solve it?


Need to see your dyn file to know how to fix this. Please post a dyn or screenshot. May have to delete the old if you want to create new, or perhaps just set the node to manual execution mode when you re-open it.

This is the opposite of the ‘Why are things disappearing when I run the graph again’ which is posted every 2 months.


All the files are like this. Simply, for example, I have a dyn file that is used to generate balls in REVIT. When I generate the ball, I close the dyn file and then reopen it. It generates second identical balls.Do I have to delete the first ball first? But what if my model is very complicated?


Polaris, we need your *.dyn file…or post an image

I think Jacob is right…dont set the execution mode to auto! use manual.


Yes Polaris, that is normal. Put the execution mode to manual and then freeze the nodes that communicate with Revit, or use a boolean. If the job of a node is to create balls, it will create balls every time it executes, it’s just its job!


Sorry, I haven’t been to this site for a long time and thank you for your reply!