Does anyone knows why dynamo or cv3 crash?

hi guys
when i replace two 2D blocs by 3D dynamic (with changing parameter) bloc in dynamo , its ok see video below

but when i replace a lot of blocs it crash and close cv3 and dynamo see video below

does anyone knows why ?
from the workstation?
memory is missing ?
can i perform a chronology for execution i mean firstly placing blocs, secondly change parameter?
can i allocate more memory for 3d civil ans dynamo ?

@dr.hybride can you share your graph?


i saw that we can add steps, i mean when the first 1 is finished (look at surrounded) , it begin the second and then the third.i think the probleme is the second and the third because dynamo can do the Number 1 easily even with 300 blocks, but when i add the number 2 et 3 ; it crash when there are lot of block.

do you have any idea ?

can i send you the script and dwg for test ?

Sure, I’m happy to test.

for me it doesn’t works so i tried an other way which is to select one by one but now there is another problem :sob: when i select (my inpout) the first one it works correctly but the second one it delete the first
do you have idea ? is there node for regen ? or saving ?
see videotest ok +.swf (303.6 KB)

an other video