Divide wall

Hi everyone,

If I have a wall whose ID is like 163254 can I divide in two pieces with dynamo?

Like ID 1
ID 2

And how do it,

Thanks a lot

Hi Alberto,

When you say you want to split the wall, do you mean you want to split it into parts? If so SteamNodes has a few nodes that deal with parts. The “Element.MakeParts” node will report the id of the original wall and the ids of the individual parts. There was a discussion about it not too long ago here:


Thanks, I had a look on the discussion on your link but I tried to split my wall in two id but it doesn’t work (I am not able to select more elements and I do not know why). I woud like yo split the wall when it finds another wall. Is it possible?!
Thanks a lot again.

Hi Alberto,

Revit API does not provide any API method split wall elements. Method to create walls are indeed provided. Thus you could use the NewWall method to create a new element, shorten the original one accordingly, and set the properties and parameters obtained from the original to the newly created one. This might provide a possibility to mimic the splitting effect.

I think we may both be looking for a solution to do this https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lh4hMgTTMec using Dynamo. What I think Alberto is looking for and the same with me is to take a wall assembly and decompose it in a manner that each layer becomes its own wall type. Not part.

Alberto, if so, were you able to find a solution to this?