Wall parts to unique walls

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i am trying to “explode” a wall into it’s pieces, to have better control over the geometry, better tagging and scheduling.

The topic has been discussed for the native Revit environment with no result:

I came across this Dynamo Forum post regarding the STEAMNODES package, which goes a long way, but it’s missing the final step for me:

I am stuck on how to further process the wall parts to create unique walls from them.
My first thought was to get the bounding box of the part, but apparently a part is not treated as geometry, so that does not work so far.

Further I need to create new walltypes for these “single layered” walls. Is this possible with dynamo?

Is the general idea heading in the right direction?

Every help is appreciated!

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I guess it is possible, but I can’t find any easy way to do it.

If I had to do it, I would take all the walls, divide them in multilayer and mono layer.
I’d have then to create wall types that reproduce each layer of the multilayers, and that is for me the worst part. There is a module from clockworks (FamilyType.CompoundStructureLayers) which could help to get the properties. But I have no way to create the needed walls.

If you have just a few walls, you could try to reproduce the different WallTypes first and the replace the layers with new walls.

In that case you just have to make a catalog with your Walls with, for example Material and width, then for each wall you take the Material and Width of each layer and replace it with the convenient wall. You had to solve how to apply the offset for each wall.

You can start and then come back with your results. I am sure there is people here that could help you!!

Thanks for your input!

I tried some more things in dynamo, getting some results, but from a practicality standpoint the whole workflow is questionable. I guess my office is better off using a custom plugin.

For those who are also interested in this:
I found a tool that is kind-of working correctly.

Youtube - Tool4Revit

Website Tools4Revit