Decompose walls using dynamo

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Is it possible to decompose walls using dynamo?

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Please define “decompose”. Are you looking to get the geometry and break it down into faces, lines, points? Or, are you looking to get all properties of a wall? Please be more specific.

I am looking to split walls to separate wall segments. Below is the snap.



download the famous STEAMNODES there you will find a node called Element.Parts. that should do the trick


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I tried using STEAMNODES Element.Parts but unfortunately i get the result null. Can you please send me snap shot of the nodes.

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working fine on my side (revit 2015,dynamo 8.2 dailies)

parts parts-dynamo

Don’t know for some reason i get the values null.



null values gone. I change the node, but still the wall segments doesn’t splits.

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they should, try “tabbing” through the selection


Wall segments are still attached.



evelyn check your view settings!


Thanks a lot Peter that solved :)

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I would like to access Thermal Properties of all materials in wall layers (conductivity, density, etc.). Is it possible to be done by Dynamo?
Could you please help me in this regard.

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