Display list in Dialogbox

Anyone has tried showing a list(as dialog box) in UI? I am trying to make a UI which will display a list to user in the form of dialog box and ask user if they want to proceed with the script or cancel?

Have you searched the forum? Similar topics have been discussed before.

I think you will find this one the most helpful.

Yes, I did. I found very useful information to display text/strings. But I am trying to display list/array which has some strings and some numbers.

right now I am using Datashape TextNode input node to display output like below snip. But I think there would be a smarter way. Because I have to convert each object into string and then join the strings to make it work.


String.join with a return as the separating character is how I have done displays like this before.

that’s how I’m joining the strings, but I am curious to know if there is a different node to display list/array other than TextNote.

Either displaying 1 list or a popup for every item in the list is the only two methods I know of. And a popup for each is very painful as a user experience.

I would use either winforms, ctypes, or the Revit UI to throw the popup instead of the UI++ nodes. Search the forum for “calling ctypes” and there is a good post I created there.