View an output in Revit

hello, I am using Data Shapes to create an interface to take user inputs and it works great however, it doesnt seem to have an “output node”. Is there an output node anywhere that I can see the output of a dynamo script? For Example, if I run a script to tell me what the area of a shape is, can output that value so that I can see it in revit? Like so I can run this script in dynamo player? Thanks!

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HI @mix , you can display an output using a UI++ form and a textnote input

You can alsl write some Python to call the Revit UI to trigger popup boxes, or call ctypes and open windows dialog boxes to get pop ups (or play sounds as I believe @john_pierson once pointed out in a blog post somewhere) as well.


Cool thanks! is there a post somewhere that shows me how to do that? What is a ctype?

Search the forum for ctypes. I started a thread on it a long time ago. Might have been one of my first posts actually…