Display Output result in a Popup

Which custom node will be better for displaying two lists as output in a popup window? I have tried Rhythm’s simple user message node, but it does not show list in one popup, instead it shows them separately. Is there any node, which can display list in one node?
The two lists are shown in the image

Can you just combine / join the lists into one and then use Rhythm?

Even after List.Join, the output is coming out in separate windows.

You’d actually need to use string from array to get them as 1 string on 1 popup, string from object retains any list structure (see below):

Essentially, so long as you are feeding in a single string item into the message input it will display on 1 dialogue box.

How you arrange and format that string before inputting it is completely up to you :slight_smile:


Pretty much that’s what I was looking for. Thankyou @haganjake2

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