Discussion: Dynamo Packages Update

Hi all,

We all do use Custom Dynamo Packages and as Revit 2020 introduced Dynamo bundled with Revit updates, I just simply download the latest custom package version for Revit 2020, 2021, and 2022 (and they work fine) not worrying anymore about keeping different versions of packages for each Dynamo for Revit version.

I was wondering if there is any tool that can keep track of Package updates and update to the latest ones for you? Monocle with such a feature would be great. @john_pierson

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You will need a differing version for some packages, such as Archi-Lab

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I use the same latest version for all Dynamo versions but haven’t noticed a problem yet.

Agreed. This is probably one of my top feature requests I want to add to Monocle or another tool (Revit).

I looked at package notifications a bit a while back but the endpoints for the package manager are uberly undocumented and unpredictable (or at least they were back in 2018). Here’s a Twitter thread of me bugging @Radu_Gidei for guidance based on work he did at the time too, thread.