Direct shape type/instance properties


In the Springs package when using the ‘DirectShape.ByGeometry’ node it creates a unique type/instance per shape. This makes purging difficult has you have to maximize each branch to select it (assuming you don’t want to purge all).

Is there a way that this list can be collapsed possibly by altering the type/instance properties?


In theory you could nest the families into a single family, and control their visibility via a type parameter…

@JacobSmall acob Would rather not do that. Is that the only solution?

Only one that comes to mind. What type of objects are they?

Direct shapes of category Generic Models representing a room massing


I’ll let you know if anything else comes to me, but I think this may be your best bet. You might also have success with importing by another method, or using links.

Hi Paul,
I’ve made the nodes behave specifically like that, so that they can be used together with the Transform/Translate nodes. That way, when you have multiple copies of the same shape, they share a definition and your file size is a lot smaller :slight_smile:

If you want to clean up the unused DS types, then instead of running purge, you could collect them all, check which of them don’t have any associated instances and delete them. That way you’ll delete their definition and they’ll disappear from the purge dialog too:


Hi @Dimitar_Venkov

Nice solution! I didn’t know that by deleting the type there is no need to purge - super elegant.

I needed all Direct Shapes gone so I modified it as follows:

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