Direct shape method and getting geometry information back

i would like to ask for help with using direct shape. Iam trying to generate some solid form from topography. I have created a custom node to take topo from model and than create solid from it by surfaces. Iam attaching a picter of this node. When i try to use direct shape to bring this solid into revit, there is three options. Springs.DirectShape, Sprinngs.BrepShape and OOTB DirectShape. On the second image iam attaching, ive used all those methods with the same solid output from my custom node and unsuprisingly, there is totally different results. Springs.BrepShape is not working at all. Springs.DirectShape seems to create bunch of surfaces and OOTB DirectShape creates mesh. The question i have is, how i can get back Information about geometry from created DirectShape? I want to use it in another script, but i am unable to use geometry of created directshapes as input and work with the data ive created.
I want to create another script to cut into this solid topo by another elements.
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Why not use FamilyInstance.ByGeometry from Spring nodes instead? that way it should be “workable” afterwards.

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When i use FamilyInstance from Springs package, the result is the same as using Springs.DirectShape:/

But the diference of it is that by using Springs Instance by Geometry node, in the project, there is no imported geometry or any element:/

Also even tried to set the category to generic models with no luck.

if you put in a Solid.Volume node after your geometry creation, does the solid have a volume?

Yeah, its not visible in the picture, but actually iam using it to write a volume parameter into the element created by springs.directshape. But i have to gather the value from the solid before creating directshape.

When iam using the BrepShape from Springs, there is an error:

[0] Traceback (most recent call last):
File “”, line 98, in NewDS_R17
Exception: Inconsistency in BRepBuilder::addCoEdgeInternal_(): are two co-edges of an edge inconsistently oriented?
Parameter name: bEdgeFlipped

Can it has something to do with my issue?

There is something wrong in the solid creation method. Iam wondering, how the DirectShape decides, when he creates solid or mesh? I expected, that when he gets solid on input, he will create that solid:/

Hi everyone,
Has there been a solution to this?
I’m facing the same problem - I get a Traceback error when importing breps. The Springs.BrepShape.ByGeometry doesn’t seem to be working.
Have be stuck at this point for a while now. Would really appreciate any way forward.

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Hi! I have a problem with the ꟿ BrepShape.ByGeometry (Node with Material input).
Several solids are built in the same way, but some of them causes an informational message:

File “string”, line 99, in NewDS_R17
Exception: Gap between current and previous co-edges in BRepBuilder:: addCoEdgeInternal_(): check that edge-curve orientations and co-edge fliped-flags are correct.
Parameter name: edgeId

Other node ꟿ BrepShape.ByGeometry (Node without Material input) creates DirectShape object from the same Solid geometry without any problems.