Problem with DirectShape.ByGeometry Nodes - OOTB and Springs Package

Hello Everybody, I´ve been reading this forum for a while, very useful help and ideas for which i´m thankful. This is going to be my first question, I hope you can help me. Sorry for my english, is no my native language.

I´m trying to model an underground highway, for that, I used a series of points extracted from Istram to rebuild the alignments on dynamo. Along those curves I´m placing a series of adaptive profiles and then using the Solid.ByLoft node to create the geometry. I´m also placing the columns on each side of the road. Up until that, everything is OK. The problems start when I try to import the geometry to revit using DirectShape.ByGeometry Nodes, OOTB and Springs Package.

When I use the OOTB node it works as expected, imports the geometry but triangulates the faces of the solid and the results are not very smooth. Here you can see the nodes and the results.

On the other side, I understand that the Springs node of DirectShape.ByGeometry uses a different method to export the geometry, which produces better geometry at the cost of certain limitations, this would be better suited for my model. So I tried it.

When I connect the exact same solids to the springs node I´m having this issues:

  • It generates the geometry, but misplaces it somewhere on the model, not where the revit preview shows it should be, and all the different parts of the solids generated are on the same position, one inside the other.
    I also have misplacing problems when I use ImportInstance.ByGeometry and ImportInstance.ByGeometries nodes.

  • The Springs node gives me the following warning: Converting object to a function pointer is not allowed.

Here are the nodes and the results.

For me it would be ideal to get the Springs.DirectShape.ByGeometry node to work. But I can´t figure out what is wrong. Or al least the ImportInstance.ByGeometry or ImportInstance.ByGeometries nodes so I can have better quality geometry on importation to revit.

I´m using revit 2016 and dynamo I´m working on a project file, not a family. The survey and project base point are set to N/S: 3303532.4900 and E/W: 191005.1100 due to the coordinates we are using across all projects, maybe that´s relevant.

Here are the files if anyone wants a closer look.

I hope someone could help me.
Thanks in advance.

Hello, I have the same issue here, does anyone have the solution so far?

Hi @larismanis its a really old post…anyway which version are you in ? and true spring node doesnt work here as well…but synthezise have one as well and should work…or try something here…

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