Dimensions SetBelow for specific dimension in a continuous string

Hi all,

Very new to Dynamo here. I have read a fair few previous posts, but hoping i can be walked through this as i can’t find the answer I need.

I have continuous dimension strings on a number of views that I am trying to automate for a specific value. That specific value is 3000mm (metric is used here), and i need to create a script that automatically applies ‘TYPE 1’ under any dim that equals exactly 3000.

It looks like the best option is to do this through a python script, but I cannot seem to get this to work.

From what i’ve read, this is a somewhat basic function, but my expertise is not there.

Any help is greatly appreciated. Step by step would help so i can learn how it is done.


Definitely doable in python as well. But I added some nodes to Rhythm to do this.


The latest version on the package manager (2022.3.1) has the nodes:

and the open source code for Rhythm is here


Perfect. Thanks a lot, really appreciate that. That’s great.

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