Tag Dimension String

I’m new to Dynamo and know very little about using it, so I was hoping someone would help me to understand if my idea is possible before going to far down the rabbit hole. Is it possible to add a tag to the end of a dimension string that would identify what the string is dimensioning? My idea is to have a dimensioning script that would function just like Revit’s out of the box dimensioning but would include a tag on the end of the dimension string as its being placed.

Hi cChrisRun, first of all welcome to the community :slight_smile:

To be honest i do not have any experience with this but maybe it would be easier to edit the dimension tag family with a text note, this text note can you maybe make an instance parameter and then use a small dynamo script to add the geometry it is locked to.

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I thought about it when I read the text. I’d like you to take a look.