Dimensioning multiple windows (problem with levels and lacing)

I am trying to dimension all the windows on a sheet, with the genius loci package I get the references of the windows and the sketchplanes from the referenceplanes. But at the end of the script i can`t get the dimensions in revit. I think it is a problem with levels and lacing.
Can somebody help me?

Hi @jochem.kolthof,

The cross product lacing on the FamilyInstance Reference ByType node is not necessary :

Simplify your list structure and you should be good :slight_smile:

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hmm strange, when i remove the cross lacing:

maybe i have an older package (and I have dynamo 2.3). yours is also called differently.
anyway, I can achive this also by reordering the list, and that seems to work.

You should update the Genius Loci package.
There have been a lot of improvements and it would simplify your graphs.

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