Dimensions from one family to level

I want to use dimensions for a window family (size and position versus level …).
I use Dimension.ByReferences custom node by GeniusLoci.
The problem with this custom node is the references with surfaces link to faces.

My task needs to create a dimension:

  1. from the position of window versus level, or maybe get the Sill Height parameter from the window family and used to see the position of the window (see the image with a line);
  2. with the size of the window object family (see the image with b,c lines);
    Can you provide a better solution for this task? Thank you.

Hiu @catafest,

Can you show your graph or a sketch and upload a Revit sample file ?
The proper functioning of the graph seems related to your window family.

I update my topic with a simple sketch with lines for dimensions I need to show on Revit project.

The simplest is probably to use the reference planes of the family (FamilyInstance Reference ByRefPlane node) or to use the outline of the host wall.
I have already realized quite a few examples that you can find with the search tool in the forum.

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@Alban_de_Chasteigner thank you for your replay:
I search on the forum for your replies and solutions … good work.
Back to my problem, you can see I got some vertical lines based on windows positions points and z =0 points …
I have some warnings is two points with the same coordinates:
*Warning: Line.ByStartPointEndPoint operation failed. *
Unable to create Line. Points are likely coincident

How can I used SketchPlane … the node creates it.
Can I used for reference plane in dimension from the line from my image?
I think is linked with this API NewSketchPlane, see this source code:

# define origin point and normal from world XYZ
origin = XYZ.Zero
normal = XYZ.BasisZ
# define a NewPlane() using normal and origin
plane = app.Create.NewPlane(normal, origin)
# define a NewSketchPlane from a plane
skplane = doc.FamilyCreate.NewSketchPlane(plane)

Here is an example :

Dim Windows to level.dyn (42.1 KB)


Alban_de_Chasteigner : Thank you for solution! Good work!