Different location between element.geometry and solid

Hi everyone,

I’m trying to detect clashes between a generic model and walls (from a link) but i’m facing a problem.

The walls are in the right position in revit and when I use the node “Solids” but when I use “Element.Geometry”, the position is different.

The problem is that the node “Revit Element Clash Detection v1” is using Element.Geometry. That’s why it doesn’t detect any clash.

Do you have an idea why the position is different when I use Element.Geometry ?

Element.Solids brings the underlying multiple solids of a Revit element into Dynamo where as Element.Geometry returns Lines,Arcs,Surface,Nurbs,Solids & Points as well.

Thanks for your reply but I still don’t understand why the location is different with the different node.

And it’s the only link that is doing that. For exemple when I use geometry and solid to the pipe from an other link file the position is the same.

Hi, I had the same problem

I think that the solution is :

Your linked file is not from the same reference point.
There are topologycal point and reference point that are different in Revit.

That’s why when you move a link to calibrate your model, it does detect the geometry but when modelise not at the same place.

You can either move the reference point of your linked file to the same as your project file,

Or translate all the geometry to the other

Good luck