Dictionary Replacement Nodes

Hey everyone,

I have a script (which I think I got the bulk of it off this forum but slightly edited to my needs) and now two of the dictionary nodes are “unresolved” and I cant seem to figure out on my own what their replacement is. Are any of you able to help me identify their new names or replacement nodes?

Let me know if any of you would prefer to see the script :slight_smile:



Those are out of the box nodes Since I believe 2.0. What version of Dynamo are you in?

Thats what I thought? Maybe they have just changed names? I’m even more confused how haha. But I am using dynamo 2.3.0. See script below

Revision Issue Tracking.dyn (93.6 KB)

Try just replacing it with the version in your library?

Those seem to be from the lunchbox package.

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