Detailline in view

I didn’t think I would struggle with this one. I just want to draw a detail line in my current view (a section view).

I believe it’s due the location a section has and therefor not ‘lining up’. The warning says Curve must be in the plane.

If the line is perpendicular to the view plane, then you would get a point and it’s not possible in Revit :wink:

edit: after further investigation, it seems that:

  • FloorPlanView: it doesn’t work only if perpendicular to the plane, but it doesn’t have to be parallel.
  • SectionView: it works only if parallel to the plane

Correct. First pull the view’s plane (I believe clockwork package has a node for this, and then use a Curve.PullOntoPlane node to resolve.

yes, thanks both. Clockwork indeed has a node for that.