Detail curve in section failing

I’m trying to create a detail curve in section but it is failing. The first option creates a line that is parallel to the section work plane. But when I run it it crashes Revit.

The section option references in a model curve of the same geometry, and I am able to create a detail curve from it but can’t see it in Revit.

I suspect the issue is to do with the workplane. I’ve tried projecting the curve onto the section’s workplane but this didn’t work. Any idea what is causing this to fail? I have the same issue with both the OOTB and Clockworks’ node.

You may need to set the active sketchplane to be the active view, prior to using the DetailCurveByView. Try the :snowflake:_Set Sketchplane By View node from the Sastrugi Package.

No that didn’t work. The detailCurve.ByCurve node is still ‘flattening’ the line and putting it on the XY plane even through the view being fed in is a section. The sketchplane should be affected because they are detail lines, not model lines. Any other suggestions?

I’m able to create model lines and then transform them into detail lines but this isn’t ideal as there is no element binding and each time you run the script you get duplicate lines.

Can you post a screen capture of the detail line in plan, and how you are wanting to replicate this in the section view?

I have prepared an example transforming the detail line geometry to the coordinate system of the view. Is this kind of what you are after?

“Flattening” of the curve occurs when using the OOTB node but not the Clockwork node. I am unsure of what method differs between the nodes. :thinking:

I’m just trying to create a head height clearance line above the nosing of a stair. The curves have been pulled to the section plane to make sure there are no sketch plane issues. Using the OOTB detail curve collapses the curves to the world XY plane. The Clockwork node is working now (it wasn’t before so not sure what I changed).

Still have the issue with the detail curves being duplicated when the inputs change. Not sure that can be fixed.