DetailCurve.Bycurve warning

Due a change in Dynamo we currently have a warning on the output of a “DetailCurve.Bycurve” node (see fig. 1). We got this after a run of the script, while it ran smootly on december 20 (see post Cylinder from Dynamo to Revit ).

Fig. 1

Does anyone have a solution for this?

Thanks in advance.

@j.boonen It looks like on December 20 you were running it on Site Plan and now you are trying to run it on a 3D View.

As far as I know, Revit doesn’t allow drawing a Detail Line in a 3D view (unless you have Set a Work Plane) and hence Dynamo is throwing an error.

@AmolShah problem solved :blush:


Fig. 1

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