Dynamo stop working when using DetailCurve.ByCurve node

I am trying to draw a detail line on top of a wall by using dynamo. I can get wall center line by using element.getlocation. But when I tried to connect this curve to DetailCurve.ByCurve node, Dynamo stopped working.

I tried to convert this curve to modelline by ModelCurve.ByCurve and it works fine.
Also I tried to create curve originally from dynamo(set 2 point and connect them as a line), and test DetailCurve.ByCurve node, it also works fine.

Does anybody know why it happened?


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I have the same issue. Does anybody know this?

try the node from clockwork detaillinebycurve+
not sure about exact name of the node but something like that

Thank you for your reply. I tried detaillinebycurve+, but dynamo still crash.

you can try “Manual” mode not use Automatic mode.

I figured it out. I am using Revit 2019. The Roombook Areabook Buildingbook for 2019 adds-in seems to be conflict with this components. Also it will significantly slow down Revit 2019. Hope to be improved in the next version.