Detail Lines. How to place detail lines in Section/Elevation views

Im trying to place dimensions with dynamo. As a reference I want to use Detail lines. But i can not create them in the Vertical views like elevations and sections. Looks like Dynamo can create them only for the floor planes or ceilings views.
Maximum what I reached its projection of Horizontal line onto construction plane of Dynamo and Vert lines are not placed at all.

But I need vertical lines only. Any ideas how can change orientation of construction plane in Dynamo. Or how I can place detail lines in sections\elevation views in general:

You will need to set the sketchplane first before trying to create 2D content in section views.

First extract the Plane of the section view (#clockwork has a node for this, View.Plane) then use the :snowflake:_Set Sketchplane By View node from Sastrugi :wink:


Thanks a lot. It works.

But I don’t understand what is going on here. The node for detail lines doesn’t ask for any sketch planes. And it still started to work fine. Where is this sketch plane based within dynamo or how the nature of this sketch plane is arranged in this Dynamo Engine? In another words where can I check it, with which node can I see a current sketch plane within Dynamo?

As long as the active sketchplane is set to the sections view plane before the DetailCurve is called to be generated then the line will be created. I will show an order of operations example and an example of showing the active workplace in the morning. (It is a PostableCommand called ShowWorkPlane.)

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Apologies if this sounds a bit awkward, but why do you ‘want’ detail lines as references?

Presumably if your base elements change, your dims are wrong?

Would you mind expanding upon the problem you are try to solve? It may be that there’s a better approach to the problem…

Hope that’s ok :slight_smile:


@m.shcheblykin Just think of the Sketchplane as being the active Workplane.
Check out the example of this (shown as picking Sketchplane by Face) here:

Here is the Python to toggle the Active Workplane visibility on and off.

import clr
import RevitServices
from RevitServices.Persistence import DocumentManager

app = DocumentManager.Instance.CurrentUIApplication.Application
uiapp = DocumentManager.Instance.CurrentUIApplication

from Autodesk.Revit.DB import *
from Autodesk.Revit.UI import *

output = []


if IN[0] == True:
	output = 'Active WorkPlane Visibility Toggled'
else :
	output = 'Set Input to True to continue.'
OUT = output
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I need to increase a speed of the drawings production. I have metal cladding walls Elevations. And I can not put any dimensions onto anythings except Axes and lines. Looks like this subject is still not developed in dynamo.
I tried to extract ref planes from families and I didn’t find the way how to do it. I tried with faces (RevitFaceReference.FromDynamoSurface) but eventually it didn’t work as well. So got first results only with liens.Do you have any idea how can I use surfaces of objects or anything else for Dimension creations ?

I recommend you have a read of this topic :grinning:

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I have been doing quite a lot of work on this, it depends quite how your walls are built…

As Ewan posted, if it’s a regular wall then absolutely, have a look at his link and we can customise it for you.

If it’s some kind of mass family, yeah probably I can help?

If it’s curtain walling, umm… never tried, but I’d be interested to have a go :smiley:

It would be great if you could post a really stripped down RVT with a couple of bits of your wall in and perhaps the 1 view you want.

For example, this graph is designed to dim all walls in a plan view… So it’s not quite what you want, but may be part of the solution. DimWallsActivePlanView.dyn (113.7 KB)



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Also I need some time to check your script for a subject lieke What can I do with it. It’s quit big
File for a test.rvt (1.0 MB)

Hmm… So I’ve had a mess around, I’ve got to stop now, but I’ve modified the graph to dim the curtain wall in plan.

The good news is that the topology node works, so we can get faces for dimensioning.

I’d have to rework it for a section view, but it should hopefully just be modifying the nodes and workflow of the graph.

Incidently, mine creates pairs of dims, but you could just have a single run, it also only dims things which are intersecting the view

File for a test-play.rvt (908 KB)
CurtainWallsDim.dyn (98.1 KB)

Hope that’s of interest.


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