Detail Line as Wall Finish

Saw this in an AutoDESK site and was hoping to do the same, but i do not have any idea how to start.

if @Joris_Van_Bossche is here, kindly share the code please?


get all walls
get the location line from the walls
get the wall thickness divided by 2
create a detail line with an offset from the location line by wall thickness / 2 + say 15mm
get the wall finish from the rooms
create an override per room per wall finish for the detail lines

If you have tried this, post your script here and we can have a look.

good luck

That may lead to detail lines running past the room boundaries. I would go this route (involves less geometry transforming so it may be faster to boot)

  1. Get all rooms.
  2. Get the finish from each room.
  3. Get the room’s bounding lines.
  4. Filter those by if the bounding element’s category isn’t a room separation line.
  5. Group curves by finish.
  6. Detail item by curves.
  7. Override per finish grouping

Thanks for the reply,

forgot to mention i’d like to run this from a linked model active view only.

Same steps but your get rooms setup gets more complex. There are many good examples of getting data from linked models already on the forum to serve as a. Example for how step one will work.

Also, I recommend you set this up for non-linked models first as if you can’t do active you can’t do links. Crawl before you sprint and all.

I have this so far…
i dont know how to override the Detail Lines to show the Wall Finish.

We have a shared parameter for each orientation with different color / value depending on the case.

Wallfin_North, Wallfin_South…etc.

TEST_RoomBoundaryFromLinkedModel_2.dyn (18.0 KB)

It successfully generates the boundary lines as detail item from each room and use the WIDE LINES linetype.

But i tried putting a room separator and it didnt ignore the room separator…

@jacob.small, can you guide me on items 4 to 7?