Create detail line item at wall cut edge

Hi everyone, i am trying to make a script that creates a detail wide line at wall cut edges when in plan or section view. This is to override Revit’s inability to change wall edges draw order against casework or furniture.
So i have no idea how can someone select the detail line type or set it to draw at the wall interior edge, and i dont want to use rooms for that. Any help would be much appreciated.
Detail Lines.dyn (23.0 KB)

@philip.manolas so what you want is to create a detail line where a casework or furniture element intersects with a wall?

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A “medium line” at all wall interior edges will do the trick, we dont need to isolate where the furniture or casework align. Had some progress with this one, found archi-lab where you can select line type!
Now i need a way to select wall interior edges instead of wall center:
Detail Lines.dyn (23.5 KB)

This is the beta ver 0.3 i managed to get the wall boundaries but unfortunately where there are walls that are joined with the join geometry tool the script fails. Anyways it would be much better to locate where the walls meet with casework/furniture/plumping fixtures and apply the detail line just there as tradelie already suggested, but how can anyone achieve that?

Detail Lines.dyn (197.5 KB)

Beta ver. 0.4
Sorry for the long posts, i have some progress i think, problem is that the script does not seem to check every Furniture/Plumping/Casework against all wall elements. It just finds some of the intersections, not all of them. Any suggestions?

Detail Lines Int.dyn (51.1 KB)

@philip.manolas set the lacing for Geometry.Intersect node to Cross Product

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@Elie.Trad Thank you, i am uploading my current stable version :wink:
Detail Lines Int.dyn (35.9 KB)

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