Create Detail Line to Display Wall Finish

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Im am looking for a way to automate the creation of material floorplan. Basicly what I was previously doing using CAD was drawing a polyline on the walls finish line of a room and colored it depending on the material finishes (Paint, tiles etc…). In this way you can easily see the material finishes on floor plan views,

With Revit I now have the information of material on the wall layers (some are composite wall, some are modelled with multiple seperate layers due to modeling issues). I would like to create detail line that retrievs the material information of the wall they are draw “on top”… hope this makes sense.

My idea is to create those line from room boundaries so that I always get the finish layer of the walls (weather it is a composite or single layer wall). I could even create a special Line type to better filter them later. I manage to do this by my own:

Any idea how I can now link these Detail line to the walls material property ? I am guessing that this could work with the wall location which is exaclty on the same position?

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I made some small progress on this mater. For me using the detail lines created from room boudaries is the way to go forward due to the fact that we are using Composite wall (with multiple) and in some cases (e.g tiles on wall in bathrooms) another wall as a “finish layer” only. Using the room boundaries will always put the detail line on the correct possition.

I found this post on the building Coder :

Based on this I think that it could be possible to create the wall’s layer boundaries and compare the coordinates with the detail line created from the room. Then we could associate the wall layer material property to the different line created…Have any of you any thoughts if this could be possible? I am not a programmer therefore I do not have the answer…

Thanks for your help !

There are two Clockwork nodes that should be helpful for your endeavour: FamilyType.CompoundStructureLayers and Wall.Orientation. The former will provide you with information about the wall layers and associated materials while the latter will help you figure out how the wall is oriented.

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Hi Andreas,

Thanks for your reply. I forgot to mentioned that I had a look on this nodes but my problem is that I do not manage to link the layer elements from “FamilyType.CompoundStructureLayers” with the detail line I am getting from the rooms. In other words how to get the location or coords of the different wall layers. I tried to use the node Get.surrounding.Elements but I didnt work well…

This is where I think the code show in the buildingcoder blog can be helpfull since there it is creating the “boundaries line” of each layer…Wich I could then compared to the detail line I am creating.

any development on this @Till_Freund?