Create room boundaries line with Detail line

Hi everydody ,

Yesterday someone gave me a great help to create a script which will automatically create detail line for each room boundary line in the project.
However when I try to run the script on a project it will draw detail line for all levels on the same view. Does someone know if there is a way to do it only for a selected level ?

Thank you so much for your help !

I think this should do the trick:

Room boundary detail curve on view by level.dyn (33.9 KB)

You will need to manually specify which levels to consider from the “levels” node drop-down

Hi @Andy_Grout ,

Thank you so much for your help :slight_smile:
I just tried to run the script you shared with me but it seems like I still get the line for rooms placed in another level on the same view :

Thank you for your time and have a great day !


Is the script working fine for the first time you run it, and then the second time you run for a different level it places the lines on the same view?

If so, then you should add in this solution to “refresh” the ‘Active View’ node: How refresh result of "active view" - #6 by john_pierson

You will need to switch between “true” and “false” each time you run. It doesn’t matter what value as long as it’s different to the last time you run

Hi @Andy_Grout ,

Thanks for your reply. Actually even when I run the script for the first time it will draw detail line for all the rooms in the project in the active view, no matter which level they belong to.
When I check the script it seems like the rooms are not filtered by level. I made a room on level 1 and another one in level 2 but teyh still both appears in the “OUT” list of the Listfilterbyboolmask node. Do you think it could be the reason ?

Thank you so much !

Have a good day.


That’s very odd, I cannot re-create the same issue. Perhaps there is an issue relating to the revit language (although I can’t see why) since it seems it is not detecting which rooms are on the specified level - you may try to convert the outputs from “Level.Name” and “GetParameterValueByName” nodes before going into “==”.

The “Room.Boundaries” node should be connected to the “In” output of “FilterByBoolMask” otherwise you are getting the results which are ‘false’ (i.e. not on the level specified) - you can follow this in image below where i’ve highlighted the room at level 1 in blue

If it’s still not working can you expand all the nodes and post again? Also what revit version and version of dynamo are you using?

Hi Andy,

You are right, the issue was relating to the revit language.
The version I am currently using is in French and I forgot to replace “Level” by “Niveau” (in French).
It is working perfectly now.
Thanks again for your great help and have a nice day !