Detail lines using view crop regions curves

Hello guys,

Following this previous post.

We have just realised that this workflow does not always work.

it is fine for plans and sections and elevations on right angles only.

Please see screen attached.

I think this is due to the curves definitions clashing with the detail line by curve from Clockwork package.

Dyn attached.
Home.dyn (6.1 KB)

Does the out of the box node act the same? Have you tried recreating the curves before converting them?

Hello Nick,
Thanks for commenting
What do you mean by the out of the box node act the same way?
I have not tried to recreate the curves, I guess you mean taking the start and end point of each curve and create another list of curves right?

There is a standard Dynamo node DetailCurve.ByCurve that does the same thing. Try using it and see if it behaves the same way.

Assuming they’re all straight lines (which it looks like they are in your example), yes, I would try recreating them from start and end points.


This is the warning that I have when I use the not ootb node.

Somehow the working plane of the view and plane of the crop region is different.

sorry guys,

The graph is working perfectly, I had a situation with data shapes multiform++ node and a shared boolean between two multiform ++ on Revit 2018, strangely not on Revit 2019.

So problem solved the detail curve by curve from clockwork with a list map does the job, no problem.

Dyn attached in case anyone need it.17_Draw lines coincident with crop regions.dyn (117.6 KB)

you can watch it .

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this is a much cleaner solution