Delete non-visible dimensions in cropped view

It’s some sort of resurrection of this old thread, but currently important for me. Unfortunately, I can’t see the image of download the graph from that link, plus it’s been almost 5 years.

I’ve fully dimensioned some floor plans, and used an add-in that executed a duplicate with detailing and automatically assigned a scope box to the copied view. Lastly it put them on new sheet. As a result, I created 70 floor plans within a couple of minutes, but the downside of it was that each view contains around 300 dimension lines outside the crop view. Multiply that by 70, and you’ll know why I want those invisible dimensions deleted.

So, I tried Archilab’s Select.ByCategoryAndView, but it only finds the dimensions within the scope box. I want exactly the opposite, but can’t find an off the shelf solution, nor found anyone else but the one in the referred thread trying to achieve the same. Someome who could help me out?


With this one you’ll get all Dimensions:

It’s output is the dimensions’ ids. Then you can compare them to what you get from the archi-net node and delete those which is not visible :-).


Something like this should work for you… basically uncrop, get all the stuff in the crop box, delete and recrop… you’ll need to do some work with scope boxes, I haven’t removed and put back, I’m sure you can work it out :slight_smile:

Delete Dims Out Of Crop Box.dyn (69.8 KB)


A slightly different approach might be just to duplicate as dependant… then the 300 dimensions would only exist once anyway…

Hope that’s useful,