Delete all anotation outside crop area in view


A practical question:

Lets say i have duplicated a view with detailing (not dependent) for use on another sheet, and i have adjusted the crop area (made it smaller).

Now i have annotations outside the crop area wich are useless. (dimensions etc.)

How can i use Dynamo to get rid of these annotations? (cleanup operation)

How do i do this for all non-dependent views?

Thanks in advance,


Challenge accepted!

What I managed to accomplish is to delete a selection of different tag types from the active view only:




I’m not sure how to expand the workflow to the whole project tho. Hopefully someone can pitch in and come up with something better.


First of all, its annotation, not anotation, english is not my native language! That said,

when all the pumpkin-stuff has ended, i’m sure there will be more suggestions. :slight_smile:

Good start mr Venkov!