Delete elevation markers

Hello guys,

I want to delete elevation markers that do not host any elevation,

I have found this post but the python node doesn’t work and I am very new on Python.

Do you know why is not working???

Home.dyn (3.0 KB)

Can you please post what error you are getting from the node?

Many thanks

There was an indented issue,

Sorted now

So i ran this script with the changes but it did not delete the empty tags! Do I have to add more to the script to get the items at index in order to delete them?

Forgive me, I am a novice at Dynamo!

Hello K104,

You need to delete output of the python node

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Just tried this and it deletes all elevations not just the unused. Is there a filter that I am missing?

Home.dyn (7.0 KB)


The first node of your categories need to change to “Elevations”.
and for the Python Script (I didn’t write this)

Thank you!

This is a slightly updated version that uses a Code block and string to hard code the category based on this fantastic post by @awilliams

Remove Empty Elevation Markers.dyn (7.6 KB)