Elevation/section/callout tags

is there an easy way to find all elevation/section/callout tags? i want to rename types, thanks


You have to get there via ViewFamilyTypes. I setup a quick graph which gets the Callout, Section and elevation Tags for you. I could not rename them with OOTB Dynamo because it said the Name was Read only, so I wrote a small python script for that. Check it out:GetTagTypes.dyn (44.3 KB)

Hope it works for you

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cool, ViewFamilyTypes! thanks Joelmick.
works great except for unknown reason, the graph won’t pick all types in elevation and section tags, see uploaded image w/ the red colored ones, perhaps Python is the last resort?

Okay weird, it seems Dynamo doesn’t recognizes them if you have not used them before. But via the Revit API you can get the other types. I have added a python node for the Callouts.

It seems the Section and elevation tags work fine.GetTagTypes.dyn (50.0 KB)

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now it works totally even though i’m not exactly understood, seems your Python code GetSimilarTypes() do the tricks, what exactly does that function do? well, even though i had API experience but never used that function, thanks again!

edit: OK, GetSimilarTypes() is exactly what it means, learned new API stuff

Basically it looks at the system family and returns all the types which hang below that one. :slight_smile:

got it, very appreciated for your help!

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