Elevation Marker Location

Hi everyone! I’m trying to find out if it’s possible to get the location (point, xyz) of elevation markers. I’ve found a few threads on the subject but I still can’t figure it out:

This one: the problem is the latest Clockwork package (@Andreas_Dieckmann ) doesn’t have a BoundingBox.ByElements that works like it used to. It no longer results in the marker’s min and max points.

That one: the problem here is that the Python code works for a single elevation marker but not a list of markers.

Any ideas?

The code in the second item is pretty easy to edit to add list handling if you don’t want to make a custom node for it as was shown in the other thread.

Note that I am posting the image so you can go back and edit the code above as a learning exercise, as for loops are a VERY useful python skill.