Delete duplicated objects

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is there a script in dynamo that can help me delete duplicated elements in revit such as stiffeners, framing in the same location?

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This post might be of interest:

The reason why i asked its because i already exhausted my research, i already saw this.

Please show your work so far

Isn’t this a duplicate of this: Delete duplicate elements but leave one element

I’ve tried two different ones.

first one:

Maybe mark the one duplicate as solved if we are to continue in this tread?

You need the check before you delete the element, as dynamo run the graph in any case and only passes the one matching the if

I am new to dynamo. would you explain what do you mean by check?

Yes, you need to make sure the element is not hosting other elements before you pass to the delete node… Also please mark the other topic as solved so we don’t have duplicate discussions.

It still doesn’t work for me, i need to run the script in order to check if another elements was copied two times in the same location, that way it wont end in a double count in a schedule.

Try updating your clockwork package, it seems you’re not getting any output from the element location node.

I did uninstall packages and install them again but when i change to isPoint instead of points, it does work but that is not what i want so the “points” doesnt work.

Please upload a .rvt file to test on, it might
have something to do with your elements

@cberrocal if they are truly identical instances, they are producing warnings and can be retrieved with these nodes from archi-lab, rather than by their geometry:


The solution proposed by @awilliams is far superior, this way you also do not have to create a workflow for each category.

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Completely agree - run with the solution @awilliams indicated.

Thank you, what arch lab version are you using? i cant seem to fins the “get warning”