Model Management / Warning Resolution - Deleting Duplicate Area Boundary Lines


I am working on writing a script that will delete duplicate area boundary lines in a view. I’m not sure what approach to take with this.


I am able to Get Elements by Category/Level for the Category of AreaSchemeLines on Level 1…

I read this article and watched the related video on ‘Isolating Revit Warnings by Category with Dynamo’ : and

I also looked at this link about ‘Remove Duplicate Revit Elements From List.dyf’ on Github about but I am not able to find this through a search in my Dynamo application. I do have Clockwork for Dynamo 0.7.x and Rhythm 2015.10.0 and 2015.10.11 and I am running Dynamo version (I see a red underneath)

I also am trying to understand what this does: Point.PruneDuplicates but I haven’t found much yet.


So I understand that in Revit, to fix this I would launch the warnings dialogue and then check a single element in the related warning dialogue and delete the element. In Dynamo, would I call the Area scheme lines, somehow convert the model curves to vectors then use the vector.pruneduplicates node? Would I call the warnings then isolate by type of “Highlighted lines overlap. Lines may not form closed loops” then filter a deletion process by some sort of delete 1 of two elements filter?

I would appreciate any advice. I am having a hard time wrapping my head around this.






Hi Emily,

Below is the solution.

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Hey Kulkul,

This is cool! So it’s possible to pull all elements in a view, then get the elements at a specific index in the list - I didn’t know you could put that in a code block.

Then you’re filtering out the elements by indices. What surprises me is that the connection is between unique indices and indices instead of between duplicate indices and indices - seems counter-intuitive.

Do you have any recommendations on what I should read beyond the forum and primer to help me solve these type of open ended issues better?

I have really limited and non-academic coding experience (vba, php, javascript, api,ai etc.) that is mainly based on demands for automation and I’m totally new to Dynamo.

I look forward to testing this :slight_smile:





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