Delete duplicated elements

Hi guys

I already found a code to delete duplicated walls but I tried it and it’s not working as should be, so I need help with that, also if there is a way can I do it to any element or only walls.

check the link please.


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I have the same problem. Can anyone help?

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HI bruce

I already build a code that can delete duplicated elements for walls and columns, if u r interested I can send it to u.


Hi Mohammad,

Yeah, that would be great, thanks!


Hi Bruce.

Find the code attached it’s working with dynamo version 1.2, test it and tell me wt u think
duplicated.dyn (58.9 KB)


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Hi, I am the one who submitted that script. I knew the “Delete Duplicates” was not working. I tried incorporating the one you are suggesting (duplicate.dyn, but just the wall section to start with) in Dynamo 1.1 and it does not work.

Are you sure it did work in yours?

Hi @Francisco_Farias

Try this dyn., now it’s working for Walls, columns, Beams and Floors. And thank you for the script. Also it’s working with dynamo 1.2. Enjoy!

STR-duplicated.dyn (123.6 KB)

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Thank you Mohammad_Nawar! I downloaded Dynamo 1.2 and apparently have Lunchbox updated, but the node Strings.SortDuplicateStrings appears unresolved. Any ideas about this issue?

Actually am not sure because it’s working here with me, try to reinstall the lunch package agian

Hee @Francisco_Farias & @Mohammad_Nawar
From which pakkage is the Delete.Elements node??

It’s a great script, at least it seems. :wink:
With the help from the forum we have also developed an existing script. Only we can not delete duplicated elements.

Could you help me with that?

Wandafwerkingen genereren verbetering.dyn (46.4 KB)


Steamnodes has Tool.eraserbyname.



The delete.element node you will find it in archi-lab package, also am working in this script to make it more reliable once i finish i will share it with you. I will take alook for ur project but maybe u will receive an
answer from me at sunday.


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Hi @Jasperbru

I am checking ur code but it’s a little complicated, so barely I can read it, but anyway I still can help you with the code that I did that I am sure it’s working gd with walls, so let me know what you need ?.Also for the element.delete node check the picture below.

Best of luck for you

Thank you @Mohammad_Nawar

But the node is a differend node than that u used.

The script which I use is not very difficult. The script is maybe a little complicated but is worked the last 4/5 weeks with this script. So I understand it very wel :wink:

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@Mohammad_Nawar, delete_duplicates_Structural Framing.dyn (9.2 KB)

Hi can you please have a look at this graph created by Archi_ lab. It is not deleting any duplicate structrul framing memebers. Please help me.

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I developed this Dyn.Beams.dyn (25.6 KB)
u can use it


Hii…The Graph completed without any warnings…But did not delete anything:disappointed:

Can you drop here ur revit file so I can check

ok… i will send you the link

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Hii…it is working perfectly now.Thanks for sharing such a nice graph. it is highly helpful to avoid beam overlapping issues in structural analysis. I would like to ask you after running this graph there is a blue color line passing through all the structural framing members.How can i hide that?

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