Delaunay Triangulation Problems


I have had great difficulty with the delaunay triangulation nodes; ‘bypoints’ (right) returns only straight lines (not triangulation) and ‘byparametersonsurface’ (left) returns nothing. Have tried lacing differently but nothing better.

I hope to see a triangulated surface, can anyone help, please?

Many thanks

Hi @PlymouthRick

Try this:

Having the same problem. Working on the Random List thing but not on the other. What is the next step? Random is not good enough.

We need to see your graph in order to give any relevant information. From looking at the original post, the Flatten node seems to be on cross-product which is not what you want. You want a singular list of points.

Thanks a lot for the reply
The problem cannot be the Flatten List. It is probably the way the points are (not properly) created. The Math.RandomList works, but I would rather it is more regularly created. Hope to be helped out. Thanks again

There should be 55*55 points created in the coordinates node but it’s only 55. That’s why I’m suspecting the problem lies there.

It was a matter of Lacing > Cross product