Delaunay.ByPoints missing some curves


I am just learning through ways of creating a grid from points and I was wondering why the Delaunay.ByPoints node seems to miss off some of the lines? Or maybe there are better nodes?

File: delaunay.dyn


Thanks Vikram I appreciate your response!

I have had a think over the weekend and after speaking with Sol Amour maybe the Mesh route is a better way to approach this in that I am exploring ways of making a mesh that will replicate some form of flat, facetted cladding panels (I should have been more clear in my post, but it’s a bit of trial and error for me)

So, I have created a surface using a methodology which appears okay and after reading up on Meshes I hit a dead-end in trying to list vertex’s and indices. In the end I found a LunchBox node Quad Grid (again thanks Sol!) which gives me the desired result.

The gap in my understanding (and suggested on the attached image) is why do the Points from QuadsOnSurface_UsingFunction differ from those from LunchBox Quad Grid by Face.

Thanks again!


Consider a rectangle ABCD, with corners being A (top left), B (top right), C (bottom right) and D (bottom left)

One custom node probably has the sequence of points - A,B,C,D

The other custom node might have the sequence - B, C, D, A

The sequence reflects the different approach taken by the different authors in grouping points.

File: quads.dyn


thanks guys for your valued help!!