Define start point at Curve

Hi Everyone, I’m trying to create a script to place an Adaptive Component. But I need define a start point to sequence of points.
This point have to be 1st left / down point.
¿How can I do that?

1st point place is variable :S

@niojuri22 Not sure if this is the best approach but this is what I could come up with on the fly
MinPoint.dyn (28.6 KB)

You can remove all the @L1/L2/L3 if you only have one geometric shape.

Thnks for reply , but geometric shape’s orientation is variable too :S

This logic should work no matter what the orientation is.
If it doesn’t then share a screenshot of that shape.

There is method for this on LinkedIn learning dynamo for interior design course, sorry I don’t remember it.

I think, the orientation matters, because I got Right point, not left point.
The shape is a roof’s face.

MinPoint.dyn (22.6 KB)

Might have wired that graph up wrong, using a maximum for the X value or missing lacing, best to double check.

However it may be irrelevant as roofs have a Z component as well as an X and Y you likely don’t want the point closest to (-i,-i) but the last point on the rake line as your adaptive points likely want to be placed eve, eve, ridge, ridge. A ‘-i,-i, ignore Z would find the top left corner of a fable roof which has an eve that follows the X axis for the Y+ side of the roof, and the correct point for the Y- side of the roof.

There are several ways to do this, but a good first step is to confirm the shape is drawn counter clockwise, explode to lines, and then find the line with the lowest midpoint (everything else has an vertical component so it’s a rake, or is up high so it’s a ridge), get that index and shift your list of lines accordingly.

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You are Right!
Thnks Vry much!
List.ShiftIndices works!. There some faces that need it and some faces that not. But I can control it.

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