Dear developers of Dynamo, why is this happening?

look short video example of issue
download example script
What is this strange memory effect dynamo-revit?

the script works only after 2 undo
how to overcome it?
please reply

regards Legantmar (

Hi Legantmar,

Try this,


thank you Kulkul!

Hi @Kulkul can you please tell me how did you do that ?

I am facing the same problem I want to refresh dynamo to prevent it from deleting or undoing the previous action.

Hi Kulkul! This is great and can be very useful for things we do here… I tried replicating the Python node, but am getting an error:

File “string”, line 25, in module
IndexError: index out of range: 1

Any idea on what is wrong here?

Hi @ali.safiaddine

Could you please start a new thread. It depends on case by case basis. You can link this post as a reference link. Thanks :slight_smile:

Hi @Francisco_Farias

Could you please start a new thread showing complete images of your work and errors expanded. You can add this topic as a reference link. This topic is old and it has been already solved. I am going to close this topic for now. Thanks :slight_smile: