Dynamo is remembering the previous generated or changed elements and deleting them!

Hi Guys,

I have been working on dynamo for more than 6 months, during this time I managed to do a great work, but the main common problem I have been facing is that dynamo is remembering the elements created or modified… for example I am creating a generic annotation family for rebars at a certain point , when I create this family in a revit file it is created perfectly as I wished and no problems until now, but then, when I use again the dynamo script to add another family instance for other set of bars in the same file, the previous family is deleted and then the new one is placed. The solution for this is to close dynamo and then reopen it again to let dynamo forget the previous elements. but of course I don’t want this solution.

Find example below:

First run:

Second run:

this problem was previously discussed in a topic but it was closed.
Any Suggestions?

This is discussed here almost every week, the most recent post:

okay thank you