Data-Shapes realtime selection feedback for end user

Hello everyone,

I have been working on a Data-Shapes Multiple Input Form but i would like to add realtime feedback for the end user on selected Model Lines (With and SelectModelElements Data UI, see below:

I would like to create a list (non-editable) which shows all selected Model Lines. Which would be placed under the “Select Model Elements” Input.

I hope that this is possible! Thanks in Advance,

Dynamo Script Forum Post 26-11-2019.dyn (45.1 KB)

sadly what you wanna achieve is not possible for datashape package because it requires an event listener, and from what i know datashape UI doesnt provide that function.

But there is a workaround whereby, you can pop up another one datashape UI to show the selected model lines and give the user a double confirmation to do what your script is gonna do. thats the best piece of advice i can give you, i think. Open to hearing any feedbacks from other as im also interested in winforms and WPF :smiley:

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Thank you for your feedback, I also couldn’t find anything and i had this in mind!
Thank you for your conformation :slight_smile: