Data-shapes UI - dependent forms

Hi there,
I’m creating a script with a UI using the nodes from Data-Shapes package.
The script contains 2 forms: the second form shall appear if a condition is matched on the inputs the user entered in form 2. If the condition is met, a python script executed and get a list of strings that I want to pass to form 2.
I managed to get all this working but the second form shows up with no values. If I close it, it will pop up again a second time correctly populated.
I tried to use a passthrough node between the first form and the second in other to wait for the readiness of data preparation for form 2 but the results are the same.
I fed passthrough with my values to populate form 2 at both inputs.
What am I missing?

Can’t add the dynamo graph at the moment because I’m not at my desk but if need be I can provide for it tomorrow.

Thank you.

One more thing just came to my mind…
Perhaps if I used in the passthrough a Pass input “True” value and use it to set the toggle input of my 2nd form I would solve the issue.
But in the same time I would have to intercept such change of toggle state to revert it to False if the condition of Form 1 was not met.
I’m gonna try the above tomorrow if I don’t get any other suggestions from the forum.