Data-Shapes UI CAD Object Selection Not Working

Hi im using the Data Shapes UI package and am trying to use the select autocad objects input node to select structures. Everytime i select a structure (or any objects really) and run the script the object is inputted/described as a “System.__ComObject”. Any way to get around this? Thanks!!

We ran into this same issue with our attempts to use data-shapes and orkestra.
after a deep dive, we concluded this was some leftover revit functionality and that the “select object” feature does not work at this time.

Our company uses orkestra and data shapes extensively with revit. We have been unable to use the same with Civil3D…

I recommend flagging on the Orkestra forum - the package author and producer of Orkestra is quite responsive to such stuff.

I am not aware of any other companies using Orkestra successfully for C3D. I would be curious if there are any such companies out there.