Data-Shapes UI and Run Modes

Hey All,

Does anyone know how to achieve an automatic-like Run Mode Run Mode when I run a script that contains Data-Shapes User Interface Sliders.

I´m exploring possibilities, so lets discuss if that can or can not be done. :slight_smile:

What exactly do you want to be “automatic”? If you’re talking about Manual, Automatic, and Periodic run types then there’s no option for this with Player. You also probably wouldn’t want that run mode as it would mean that the graph would update and rerun any time something changed in the model.

I really like to use the “Automatic Mode” within the Dynamo Workspace itself because of its responsiveness. It´s great to see geometry changing in real time. But if I want to implement the OOTB UI from Data-Shapes and run the scripts from a player, then this very powerful possibility gets lost.

Yeah, I mean either Automatic or Periodic while the UI is still on the screen, to eliminate the need of rerunning some scripts that set element positions.

Rule: while the UI is on, the user will not be changing the model manually.

I´m aware that Automatic can go wrong many ways, but could a tweak be done with looping and reexecuting the script until the user presses the “Exit” button or anything similar?

Currently, I just don’t think it’s possible.

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@Nick_Boyts I have just found out that Orkestra (Author: @Mostafa_El_Ayoubi) just has a new version allowing the functions I imagined, check out this GIF: 126427810-ee45ec6d-5665-47ef-95ba-610574cff241.gif (1480×880) (
I wonder if the script is being rerun each time, or is there some type of looping made within the script itself? :thinking:

Also, I´ve found this: Element Binding in Revit - Share - Dynamo ( :bookmark_tabs:


I have a pipe dream of a thought, but it might not work in the end. You’ll definitely need to write some code yourself though.

Let me play around a bit and I’ll let you know how it goes.

Would you need sliders or would number inputs work?


@JacobSmall Sounds great, sliders or numbers are both equally fine.

I believe I see why a slider would be more complex. Is it because of how processor-heavy it could be? In both situations the “Update (or Refresh) button” would be included. Another way could disqualify the buttons and rerun only if there is a change in data determined between the adjacent 2s looping intervals.

I read/write mainly Python code, but whatever you work out I´ll find a way to read or add to it

Looking forward to your updates! :smiley:

You’d really want something like this to be built carefully. Dragging a slider doesn’t just do the start/end of the drag in Dynamo - it does them all. Unless someone can build a special slider that only executes on release of the toggle I’d steer clear of this sort of logic.

It’s a bit like Grasshopper what you’re targeting here, and I’ve done tests with dynamic inputs from Rhino Inside - the Revit API is always the bottleneck and will generally lead to a ‘chuggy’ experience for the user.